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The Hacienda Brothers, led by cult heroes Chris Gaffney and Dave Gonzalez, introduced their wood-smoked blend of stone country and old-school R&B on their self-titled 2005 debut album, helmed by legendary writer/producer Dan Penn. The record was made in Tucson, where both of the principals, who now reside in Southern California, have roots, so people took to describing the group’s sound as “western soul.” The term not only stuck, it proved to be inspirational when the Haciendas and Penn reconvened in the picturesque Arizona city for the follow-up effort, What’s Wrong With Right (Proper American Records), because the album vividly captures the new/old genre brought about by the pairing of Gaffney, Gonzalez and Penn. – from Hacienda Brothers' Bio page

The Nighthawks - Over the last 30+ years, The Nighthawks have earned a reputation as one of the best and hardest working bands around. They have gotten their widest acclaim for being one of the first and best white boy blues bands of their generation, and for putting on a great live show. But their acclaim and accomplishments go far beyond that. They are among the top musical acts to come out of the Washington, D.C. area—and are still based there. They were a roots rock band before there was such a thing as “roots rock.” They play a wide variety of music that has appeal to a diverse audience, mixing the blues, rock and soul—along with rockabilly and swing. They’ve played all over the U.S., with the East Coast and Midwest being particular strongholds. And they’ve toured around the world, establishing especially strong followings in Germany and Japan.

Janiva Magness - The story of award-winning vocalist Janiva Magness’ rise to the top of the blues world and beyond is a testament to the redemptive power of music and the human spirit. Possessing a rich, soulful voice and absolute command over her material, Magness is an incredibly gifted performer who can lead her audience through a range of emotions, from the deepest sorrow to overwhelming joy.

R.J. Mischo - Singer/Harmonica player R.J. Mischo began his music career over 20 years ago in Minneapolis. He worked with the area’s legends of the Blues scene like Muddy Waters alumni Mojo Buford and Sonny Rogers, as well as Percy Strothers & Milwaukee Slim. R.J. then led his own groups and gained a reputation as one of the region's top blues acts. During his tenure in Minneapolis, R.J. was nominated in several categories by the Minnesota Music Academy and in 1996 won the award for Best Harmonica Player. RJ Mischo scoops up everyday life and personal experiences and funnels them through his harp and vocals, and what pours out is the hot-blooded passion, the playful humor and high voltage energy of the blues.

Joe’s Garage - Star Tribune's Jeremy Iggers says: Q: On a sunny summer day, what could be finer than outdoor dining at a sidewalk cafe? A: A rooftop table - in the fresh air but away from the noise, the exhaust and the gawkers. At least five Minneapolis locations now offer rooftop tables. Gastronomically the pick of the pack is Joe's Garage on Harmon Place, facing Loring Park. The original burger list has been pared to make room for a few pastas and risottos, as well as daily lunch and dinner specials...
Not only that, they've got a few pieces of JR's art hanging up.